Rearview Mirror: My July Workouts
Tuesday's 8 1/2 Mile Morning Run

Middle Distance 4x400's Workout's like winter outside this morning.


450 Mixed Warm Up

2x200's (50 Kick / 50 Swordfish / 50 Drill (turn on 2 and fist) / 50 Swim

400 Pull. (1250)

Main Set:


1st 400 Continuous on 5:20

2nd 400 broken by 200 on 5:30 taking 10 seconds between the 2x200's

3rd 400 broken by 100 on 5:40 taking 5 seconds rest between the 4x100's

4th 400 Continuous No Interval but fastest

I descended my 400's coming in on 4:54, 4:46, 4:41 and 4:36.  I was afraid I had gone out to fast in the first 400 but felt good in the water.  The last 400 I had to push myself as I was getting tired.  I gotta admit this is my kind of set.  Middle distance sets let me just get in my pace mode and just go.  This was the best I felt in the water in some time.  (1600/2850)

50 easy (50/2900)

175 (75 kick / 50 drill / 50 swim) stroke.  I did backstroke (175/3075)

4x50's Back on 55

4x25's Free on 25

We were to do another round of this but I was beat and stopped.  (300/3375)

Swam a 25 easy and that was it.  (25/3400)


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