12 of 12 - August "Hollywood Edition"
Friday's Swim Report - 13 Things You Might Have Missed

Middle Distance 500 Freestyle Workout

After swimming last night I was up and ready this morning for another swim. Well maybe not ready but I was up and headed to the pool.  After last nights killer IM/Stroke workout I was looking forward to a freestyle workout this morning.  And boy did I get a freestyle workout this morning. OY!  My arms are sore but in a good way.

Warm Up


2 Rounds of 75 Kick / 50 Swordfish / 50 Drill (1 Arm / Turn on 3) / 75 DPS Freestyle.  10 seconds rest between the rounds.  (500/950)

500 Pulling (500/1450)

4x25's on 35 concentrating on pushing off underwater with butterfly kick (!00/1550)

5x100's 1st one 10 seconds rest but continuing with the underwater steamline then the rest all pace on 1:20 (500/2050)

The Meat Of the Freestyle Portion of the workout -

2x500's - 1st one broken by 250 taking 10 seconds rest on 7 minutes.  Negative split the 500.  I did a 3:10 and a 3:05.  The second 500 was straight.  I did a 5:56. I think. (1000/3050)

100 easy (100/3150)

Stroke time with a short stroke warm up and then set.

100 Breast Kick / 50 Fly Drill / 50 Back Swim (200/3350)

3x100's IM descend on 1:45 (300/3650)

I then warmed down a 100 for 3750 yards.  Overall I liked the workout.  I was sore from last night but was able to rally and finish.  I'll be hurting for the rest of the day but it was worth it.  Over the last few months getting motivated to swim has been tough but between this week's three swims I'm feeling a bit motivated.  Hopefully this will carry over next week and then the week after that.


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