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One Run, Three Reading: Nike+ vs miCoach vs gmap-pedometer

The world isn't perfect and it seems getting exact mileage records while running is far from perfect.  I've been using my Nike+ Sportband for years and have known it was a bit off even after calibrating the device several times.  Before the Sportband I used the Nano with Nike+ and it was a bit off also.  This past week I've been trying out the free iPhone app from Adidas called miCoach which works via GPS.  The problem with GPS is that while running I hit patches of the path that has iffy AT&T coverage so my GPS goes in and out.  But more on that later.  Here are the graphs from today's run:

Nike+ Sportband: Sundayrunnike Since I'm using the Nike+ Sportband I can pause and start up the timer while out running.  My pit stop to take a pee break and all the cross lights that I have to stop at all get cut out of my time.  So I get a faster pace then from using miCoach.  But since the Nike+ is a bit generous with mileage it's a bit too fast of a pace then I actually ran.  Normally I love the fact that Nike+ shares my runs via Facebook and Twitter but for some reason Nike+ didn't update my status with my run.  Doh!  Nike+ Mileage - 12.24

Adidas miCoach:

Since Adidas miCoach uses GPS I can see my pace in relation to the elevation of the route.  Gotta like that.  Also the graph is a bit more detailed then the Nike+.  While running miCoach alerted me several time of low or no GPS.  This might be important to my run as I was out running on the path along Santa Monica Blvd then turned on Wilshire and ran a bit turning on Whittier.  But decided I'd just turn around home and run back on the path along Santa Monica   Well part of that run and turn back was when I had no GPS so a very short bit of my run vanished.  Now normally I don't turn around but run a loop so I am assuming the GPS picks me along my loop route and guesses my route so I don't miss any mile.  I got the miCoach to finally update my Facebook status after several attempts.  It puts the chart as a grapic but unlike Nike+ doesn't shout out my mileage run.  But I do like the graph being posted.  miCoach mileage - 11.74

Here is the map via gps from miCoach: Adidas_micoach_map
The map function of miCoach kicks ass.  I don't have Nike+ GPS so I can't compare.  But with miCoach you can move the runner icon below and the runner moves along the route and you can get info about each mile.  The screengrab shows the last mile ran.  That is a pretty cool function.  Looking at the map I can tell the map doesn't include that little stop and turning back at the western end of Wilshrie.  I ran up Whittier a bit and it didn't read that bit.  But it's a very small amount.  I didn't take a screengrab but playing gmap-pedometer I got another reading of my mileage.  Gmap-Pedomter Mileage - 11.74

So I got three different readings for my run.  I'll go with 11.75 to be on the safe side.  The run itself was okay.  Could have been better.  Was missing water from the first 1/2 of my run.  I went out running without thinking out my route.  Nothing was open to stop and grab water.  Since my internet was down when I woke up I ran without mapping it out and thinking about water.  A mistake I will not make again.  I was dying the last 3 miles of today's run.  Was thinking of stopping and walking but I pushed myself and finished the run.


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