IM Sprint-ish Workout
Friday's Swim Report - Catching Up

Thursday's 6 Mile-ish Run

Woke up way too early in the morning but just couldn't get myself to run.  Finally I got my act together and ran.  Only planned a short run so I headed east on Sunset to LaBrea.  Then I ran down LaBrea to Wilshire and turned back.  But I turned west on Fountain.  I didn't want to run that much and I had to take a pee.

I used both my Nike+ Sportband and the Adidas miCoach iPhone app to compare the two programs.  I am still liking the Nike+ over the miCoach.  Other running log websites I use such as, and import from Nike+ but not from miCoach.  Also I can repost my Nike+ workouts on both Facebook and Twitter but miCoach only posts to Facebook.

Nike+ Run Chart - Thurs
So you don't get much data just using the Nike+ Sportband but it's enough for me.  They do have a heart rate monitor now that somehow works together and an iPhone app for the newer iPhones but alas I have neither.  So I miss out on some data.  The Nike+ calibration is a bit off and gave me a reading of 6.13 miles run.

miCoach Run Chart - Micoach_thu

With the miCoach I don't pause like I do with the Nike+ Sportband so those dips in my run is me stopping.  Since the Nike+ Sportband is on my wrist it's easier to pause.  While the miCoach is an iPhone app that means I have to unlock the phone and pause.  With sweaty hands that doesn't always work.  The gps is more accurate and gave me a 5.95 mile run.  I wonder if I had the miCoach device what sort of data I would get.  Also I wonder how well the miCoach device works along side the iPhone app with it's gps?  I started to play with some of the online features of miCoach and will continue to play with them.  So far I'm underwelmed but havn't had too much time to look around the site.


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