Middle Distance 4x400's Workout
IM Sprint-ish Workout

Tuesday's 8 1/2 Mile Morning Run

This morning I mapped out my run before taking off with the mission to run at least 8 miles.  I also wanted to be done before the sun came out and got too hot. So I was up at 5am.  Of course it took 50 minutes before I actually started to run.

Normally to track my runs I use the Nike+ Sportband as I only have the older Nikerun iPhone 3G.  Nike+ for the iPhone only works on 3GS and 4G phones so I use the sportband.  It's not 100% accurate and no GPS.   I figure for my runs I don't need to be 100% accurate.  I also compare the Nike+ reading of miles to gmap pedometer which I use to map out my runs.  But without GPS I get limited data on my runs as you can see by the blue little graphic.  It's enough for me.  Also when I plug in the sportband chip to my computer it just automatically loads the info and sends an update to my Facebook and Twiiter accounts.  I like the Nike+ mostly because I've been using it so long that it has all my runs for a few years back.  Plus I like getting in some of the challenges.

I've used other GPS tracking programs and today I tried a new one.  I Micoach downloaded the Adidas miCoach for the iPhone.  It's a free app that uses GPS to track your runs.  GPS apps seem to be battery drainers on the iPhone 3G but luckily it lasted my 8.5 mile run today.  Because it uses GPS you get a map route of your run and can see more detailed information about the run including elevation.  I set it up so that every mile it told me my status which I liked.  I think with my old iPod Nano and Nike+ it also did that.  Adidas miCoach does update Facebook but not Twitter and they have no challenges.  Yet.  Adidas also sells it's own Sportband like device.

I think I'll stick with the Nike+ since it's what I own but at least if I'm away on vacation and forgot my Sportband at least I know of an application for the iPhone that is pretty nifty for tracking runs.

As for today's run I gotta admit the first 1/2 felt like crap.  Really didn't feel like running.  But it was a nice cool morning which is perfect for running so I took advantage of the weather.  It was a picture perfect morning heading back home with the sunrise in front of me.  Ahh...it was worth getting up early.


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