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Rearview Mirror: My September Workouts

Here is September by the numbers:

In September I ran 16 times for 105.21 miles.

Compared to past months:

August I ran 3 times for 27.23 miles.

July I ran 15 times for 66.54 miles

June I ran 12 times for 15.92 miles

May I ran 1 times for 3.08 miles.

April I ran 16 times for 28.23 miles.

March I ran 18 times for 91.35 miles.

February I ran 18 times for 75.14 miles.

January I ran 24 times for 124.97 miles.

On average September was my most miles per run.  It also was the 2nd most miles in a month for 2010 and the 3rd most miles in a month ever.  I am impressed just because of the humidity here in Florida make running horrible.  I've been waking up at 4:45am to get myself together to run before the sun comes up.  Luckily it'll cool down so October should be a good running month.  I will be doing the Disney World Marathon in January so I gotta keep running.

As for swimming...

Umm…swimming?  Remember Swimming?  Well, sorta I do.  For the month of September I have swam 0 yards and 0 meters.  I did go noodling in the pool one day.  Right now I don't have access to a local Masters team or lap swim pool.  That will change in a few weeks so I'll be back in the pool.  When I was playing around in the fun rec pool I gotta admit that I'm so out of shape.  In one month I just lost the ability to swim at any speed.  I can't go to much longer without swimming.  I may even force myself to swim at a local Masters meet just to get in some pool time.  But that is up in the air.

Compared to past months:

August I swam 25,000 SCY
July I swam 49,900 SCY
June I swam 43,650 SCY and 4,000 LCM
May I swam 55,000 SCY
April I swam 46,050 SCY
February I swam 53,250 SCY
January I swam 46,750 SCY

290,425 SCY for 2010.

I didn't bike ride at all this month but I did use a visitor pass at a local gym for one day.  I'm going to be soooo fat at this rate. 


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