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Swimming Again (batteries not included)

For the first time since August I was able to swim in a pool with lane lines and that was 25 yards.  In fact I had my very own lane.  Of course I'm so out of shape!  I was sore by the end of my warm up.  Two months of not swimming will do that to a person!  That and the afternoon sun was beating right down on me.  The plus side will be an awesome speedo tan!

Warm Up

34086_141285465883235_118759094802539_421160_4847394_s 300 Swim

Then I helped put in two lane lines so walking down 2x25's and swim 2x25's back so let's chalk that up as a 100.

300 Kick

300 Pull

100 Swim

So 1,100 warm up.

Now since I thought they had set up the pool I went back to find one of the clocks.  And I did find three clocks but no batteries.  Guess next time if I want to do interval training I'll need to bring my own batteries.  Since I am out of shape I really didn't care.  Was just curious what I was able to swim.

3 Rounds:

100 Swim

100 Kick

100 Pull

No interval since I didn't think of brining batteries to the pool.  So that was another 900 yards to make it 2,000 yards.

I then decided to try out a few pair of my new goggles from Ministry of Swimming.  I already had been wearing a pair of the Zombie Silver for the warm up.  Gotta admit I liked them.  Out of all the pairs the Zombie was my favorite.  So I did about 4 or more 50's but let's say 4 trying on the different goggles and swimming.  (200/2200)  I then went back to the Zombie Silver goggles to swim a bit more.  I'll have to give them all one full workout each before I judge them although I think I have two favorites already.

3x100's Pull

100 IM swim

Then I did 3x25's underwater / no breathing.  Then 1 more 25 easy. 

2,700 measily little yards.  But it's a start.  Rebuilding!  I'm going to try a few more lap swims on my own before I start swimming with the local team.  But now that I'm an official resident I can use the lap pool for free so swimming is back on! 


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