Swimming Again (batteries not included)
Monday Morning Run

Rearview Mirror: My October Workouts

Rearview Mirror: My October Workouts

Here is October by the numbers:

Well October wasn't a big running or workout month.  I ran 10 times for a total of 62.35 miles.  Not as much as September but not so bad.  I'm a bit behind in my training for the Walt Disney Marathon but I will hopefully make up some runs this month.  My excuses for not running are lame so I just need to be more dedicated. I ran today for the first time in a week.  Oy!  So not good. 
Compared to past months:

September I ran 16 times for 105.21 miles

August I ran 3 times for 27.23 miles.

July I ran 15 times for 66.54 miles

June I ran 12 times for 15.92 miles

May I ran 1 times for 3.08 miles.

April I ran 16 times for 28.23 miles.

March I ran 18 times for 91.35 miles.

February I ran 18 times for 75.14 miles.

January I ran 24 times for 124.97 miles.
My shoe meter is reminding me it's almost time to get new running shoes.  Which I will be doing later this month as I'm waiting for a sale.

As for swimming...

Well I swam once for 2,700 yards.  One lone lap swim workout which was the first time I swam in two months.  But at least it was a start.  My lack of swimming has more to do with where I'm living then just being lazy.  I could have tried to make a 5:15am coached workout a few towns away but really that didn't seem realistic.  I couldn't swim at one of the sport pools around here till I became a resident which happened on Friday.  So now I can go do lap swims for free 7 days a week from 7am to about 7pm.  So I have no excuse.  Now there is a Masters Team but they only have a 9am workout which I will try to attend from time to time this month.  But I have to wait to a Tuesday that I can go at 11:30am to "try out" for the team.  And even then I'll be on the regular workout "squad" and be on the waiting list for the more "competitive" workout "squad".  I really don't know what that all means but at least I'll be swimming. 

Compared to past months:

September I swam zip, nada, nothing
August I swam 25,000 SCY
July I swam 49,900 SCY
June I swam 43,650 SCY and 4,000 LCM
May I swam 55,000 SCY
April I swam 46,050 SCY
February I swam 53,250 SCY
January I swam 46,750 SCY

293,125 SCY's for 2010.


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