Sixteen Down, Ten More To Go
The Biggest Loser - Season 10 Episode 12 The Marathon

5.5 Brrr.....Miles.

This week is a crap week with a 7am shift, a 6am shift and two nights I'm working to midnight so I decided to go running tonight.  The temperature has yet to hit the 30's yet so I figured run now or run tomorrow when it's in the 20's.  20's?  Umm...I don't think I've felt what 20 degrees feels like in over 10 years.  Hell, 30 is horrible enough.  So I put on my new Nike Men's Lightweight Run Glove and my Nike Livestrong Therma-Fit Running Headband and headed out.  Brrr...actually at first it wasn't so bad.  I did a loop around the neighbordhood to check out the holiday lights.  People really decorate for the holidays around here.  I've never seen so many lights in my life.  It's crazy!  I wanted to take pictures but running with the gloves on didn't work with me taking pictures.  So I just ran and ran.  Tuesday_cold_night
5.1 miles.  My first mile was slow as I was looking more at the lights and trying to take a few pictures.  Pace for mile one was 10:40.  Then I picked it up with 8:43/8:53/9:27/8:52.  Now I messed up pressing the button at the end wearing my gloves so it gave me a 44 minute pace for the last 1/2 mile.  So pissed about that cuz' I was sprinting home since I had to pee so bad.  I bet I would of had a good pace.  I'll figure it out later when I have a second to do math.  But 5.1 miles for tonight.  Will go swimming tomorrow morning in the cold cold cold outdoor pool.  Well the water will be warm at least.  Ugh!


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