Ice Ice Baby! Swimming In The Cold!
Wednesday's Swim Report - 2010 Almost Year End Edition

Brrr...Another Record Cold Swim

Damn I hate the cold!  Two mornings of record breaking cold is two too many!  I woke up bright and early to go swimming this morning and got to the pool before it even opened for a change.  Which wasn't so smart standing outside freezing my ass off.  Before I left I was debating on which swim suit to wear.  Since it was about 27F outside I was going to wear my full blueseventy nero comp suit but decided to wear my Finis leggings.  Only cuz' the leggings are easy to deal with for bathroom breaks.  Either way I figured they'd help with the cold temps. 

I warmed up a 550 and boy did I love swimming in an old tech suit.  I so had forgotten the magical powers of the suits.  Being such a bad or lazy kicker wearing the leggings kept my legs up and not just flopping around as usual. We then did a 200 kick before doing 4x50's kick/swim.  So the full warm up was a 950.

Main Set - Continious

2x300's on 4:30 (1:30 base for this set)

2x200's on 2:00

6x100's on 1:30

Now this set was all about pacing.  The second 300 was to be faster then the first 300 and the pace for the second 300 was to be the pace for this first 200.  Then the second 200 had to be faster then the first and then the pace of the second 200 would be the starting pace for the 100's.  Then descend the 100's. 

I actually did a pretty good job with my pacing.  The first 300 I took it nice and easy.  I came in about a 4:05.  The second 400 I came in at 4:00 or a 1:20 pace.  Then my first 200 pace was about a 1:17 and my second 200 pace was 1:15.  The 100's I was pretty good even if I can't remember all of them but I did descend and finished up with a 1:04.  I think I did a 12,11,9,8 and a 7.  Or maybe a second faster towards the end so maybe 8,7 and a 6 before my 1:04.  Either way I swam the set the way the coach wanted.  (1600/2450)

Then everyone got out and I warmed down a 150 for a total of 2,600 yards.  I sorta wanted to do more but I was cold and lazy.  I'm going to try and swim two more times this year.  Since we only have two more days I'll be squeezing them in!  The good news is that the temps will be rising starting today.  Hopefully they'll stay in the 70's for the daytime highs.  These 27F mornings suck!


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