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Brrr...Another Record Cold Swim

Ice Ice Baby! Swimming In The Cold!

Finally a morning I can swim and it's the coldest morning on record in Central Florida.  26 F!  Holy Mother F'ker, that is cold!  I got to the pool about 6:50am and people were already in the pool swimming since it was too cold to hang out on deck.  I jumped in and did about a 400.  The first 100 I was so ready to get out and go home.  The water was warm but the air was freezing.  My body just couldn't handle it.  I was cold.  But I stuck it out and adapted.  Of course none of us could see the clock due to the steam pillowing out of the pool so the workout was on an interval but Gary set us off by his watch.  So I have no idea what our interval was.

After the 400 we did 3x100's Kick taking 20 seconds rest.  (300/700)

Main Set:

4 Rounds -

25 Stroke Kick

50 Free Pull

100 Stroke Swim

100 IM Swim

50 Free Pull

25 Sprint

I used the 50 pulls as recovery and did my strokes all butterfly!  Figured that I haven't been swimming so I needed to push myself!  (1400/2100)

Then everyone got out but I stayed and did 6x100's Pull.  I did them breath control by 100 any/3/5/7/9/any.  I was going to swim more but damn I was cold.  When I got out my kickboard, pull buoy and my flip flops had ice on them.  ICE?  I'm going to swim again tomorrow in the freezing temperature but I will wear a swim cap and maybe pull out my old B70 Nero to keep me warm!  2,700 SCY was my workout today!


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