Wednesday's Swim Report - Pre-Holiday Edition
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Just A Tiny Bit Of A Swim

After working to midnight and not sleeping to after 1pm I somehow was able to wake up and go swimming this morning.  Of course the snooze button really got put to use before I finally crawled out of bed. Since I was running on little sleep and hadn't swam in a few days the warm up was very very slow.  Actually the whole short workout was pretty slow. 

Warm Up:

300 Swim

300 Pull

200 Kick

2x50's Kick - 25 easy / 25 fast (900)


6x150's (25 drill / 25 kick/ 25 swim /  25 kick / 25 swim stop and then do a 25 sprint.  I did the first 3 free then 1 fly, 1 back and 1 breast.  (900/1800)

Then that was pretty much it.  The "coach" had to leave and I wasn't motivated enough to swim on my own.  So after chit  chatting with the other swimmers I pulled a 100 fre and got out.  So 1,900 SCY workout.  I'm debating on running or swimming on Christmas morning.  Guess I'll check the weather and decide on Saturday morning.  


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