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The Biggest Loser - Season 10 Episode 12 The Marathon

 This weeks episode picks up with the final four contestants Ada, Patrick, Elizabeth and Frado in the elimination room being told they were going to home.   Since Frado won last week's weight loss weigh in his prize would be a visit from chef Curtis Stone to cook a healthy meal. 

We then see each of the contestants go home to meet family.  At home they watch a RTEmagicC_c48024a808.jpg DVD with both Bob and Jillian.  The dvd is a montage of moments of each of the contestants showing how far they have come.  When you watch Frado watching with his family you can't help but be impressed by his change.  He looks like a different man.  As does Patrick and Ada.  Ada watches the video with her family and in another Ada tear jerker moment Ada's family tells her how much they love her.  I was so close to breaking down and crying.  Then they all found out that they will be running a marathon when the return to the ranch in six weeks!  Each of the contestants get a suprise visit from one of the trainers and hit the gym. Patrick was playing the new The Biggest Loser game on Wii with his kids which was cute.  I gotta dust off my copy of the game and play again. 

This week's Trainer Tip came from Bob and was about eating a healthy breakfast.  He suggested poached eggs and whole grain toast.  Then in another cooking spotlight Elizabeth and her new boyfriend made a breakfast pizza using Jennie-O Turkey Bacon. Elizabeth used Jennie-O Turkey Bacon, mushrooms, sauted onions, eggs and a little cheese.  But the recipe wasn't printed on the screen so I didn't get it.  But I did find a Four Seasons Bacon Breakfast Pizza at jennieo.com.

The Marathon!  This years marathon keeps with the Play It Forward theme by RTEmagicC_84baba97f9.jpg awarding each contestant that finishes a check for $10,000 to be donated to a charity of thier choice.  Ada has been training really hard trying to break Tara Costa's Biggest Loser Marathon record time.  Once the marathon started Ada was strong and took the early lead.  Patrick and Frado stuck together a bit behind and Elizabeth was last.  More montages of this past season in between various mile markers.  Elizabeth comments that she doesn't care if it takes her till tomorrow but she will finish.  At mile 14 Bob meets up with Ada and runs with her for a bit.  Ada needed a potty break and lost 6 minutes of time.  Frado was joined by one of his daughters at mile 16.  Ada kept her lead and was joined by friends at mile 20.  Patrick pulled a bit ahead of Frado to keep strong in second and was joined by some family members.  Frado was joined by his other kids at mile 20.  Elizabeth had her sister to push her to the end.  Ada finished first with a new Biggest Loser Marathon record time of 4:38.46.  Then Patrick pulled in second with a time of 5:45ish.  Frado finished third with 5:51.13.  While Elizabeth finished strong with a time of 7:27ish.  The ish'es are cuz' I was watching it on a RTEmagicC_805c855420.jpg non-dvr equiped tv tonight. 

The weigh in...

The last weigh in on the ranch before next week's live finale!  The two contestants with the highest % of weight loss will be quaranteed a spot in the final three.  The two contestants with the lowest % of weight loss will face elimination by at home voters on nbc.com.

Elizabeth: originally she weighed 244 pounds and 6 weeks ago weighed in at 192.  This week she weighed in at 177 pounds.  That is -17 pounds or 7.81%.  She has lost 67 pounds so far.

Frado: originally he weighed 367 pounds and 6 weeks ago weighed in at 248.  This week he weighed in at 221 pounds.  That is -27 pounds or 10.89%.  Frado has lost 146 pounds so far.

Ada:  originally she weighed 258 pounds and 6 weeks ago weighed in at 167.  This week she weighed in at 167 pounds.  That is -12 pounds or 6.7%.  Ada has lost 91 pounds so far.

Patrick:  originally he weighed 400 pounds and 6 weeks ago weighed in at 244.  This week he weighed in at 244 pounds.  That is -35 pounds or 12.54%.  Patrick has lost 156 pounds so far.

Patrick and Frado are going on to next week's final 3 finale!  While Ada and Elizabeth face elimination from at home viewers.  So go home and vote to send Elizabeth home!  Yup, GO ADA!  Let Ada go on to the final three!  She can win this!


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