Wednesday's Swim Report - 2010 Almost Year End Edition
Wine Bottle Stopper - Upcycled Female Swim Trophy

Where Is The Strength?

One more swim for 2010!  Got up and went swimming which the getting up part was a bit easier today.  After two mornings of 26F it was nice to wake up to 45F!  It was like waking up to summer.  Okay not that warm but better.  Actually after working two shifts to midnight in a row and getting up to swim yesterday morning all made up for a tough morning.  At least that is how I felt in the pool today.  Working at night means that I'm climbing up and down ladders and lifting things up and down.  Ugh!  I'm too old for that shit!  But without a gym membership I guess it's sorta cross training.  I miss my weight training and today I could tell in my swimming that my body misses the weight training also.  While swimming both the butterfly and the freestyle today I felt like I just wasn't getting enough power in the water.  It was a tough workout for me.  Plus it's the first time I swam 3 days in a row in months.  Hell it's the first time I swam 3 times in one week in a very long time.  I do plan on trying to swim tomorrow afternoon since I work at 7am tomorrow.  Now as for today's workout...

I warmed up about a 400.  I sorta didn't keep track as I was taking it very slow and stopping a lot.  I just felt blah, tired and sore.  So I'm guessing a 400 at least.  Then we did a 200 kick followed by a 200 distance per stroke.  So an 800 for warm up.

Main Set:

3 - Rounds

50 on 1:10 Kick / Swim Butterfly

100 on 2:00 Butterfly

150 on 2:40 by 25 fly/free/back/free/breast/free

100 on 2:00 Backstroke

50 on 1:10 Kick / Swim Backstroke

That was sorta okay.  Like I said I was tired and didn't get much of anything from my arms this morning.  Also the pool was so hot I felt like crap.  (1350/2150)

After that we were done for the most part.  I did a 200 pulling while breathing every 3.  So the total yardage was 2,450.  Then a few of us chatted a bit and that was it.  At least for today if not the year!



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