Quick Morning Workout
20 Mile Run In The Villages

Would You Like Some Fly With That Swim?

It was raining this morning so no running.  Knowing that sprinkles were in the forecast I planned to sleep in this moring.  Which luckily I sorta did.  Slept to a little after 9am.  Had a quick breakfast and then waited for the noon time lap swim.  I knew I wouldn't be swimming a hard long workout but really had nothing planned out.  Started off with an easy 600 warm up made up of 200 swiim/pull/kick. 

Warm Up Set:

12x50's on 60 Switches.  Fly/Back, Back/Breast, Breast/Free.  I tried and was able to descend each group of 3x50's.  (600/1200)

4x50's butterfly kick on 1:05 (200/1400)

rested a bit

2x50's butterfly on 60

rested before swimming 100 fly fast.  Well I did a 1:09 so not that fast.  I did try but about the end of the 75 I just was dying.  It felt like I was on lap 7 of a 200 fly.  I am really really out of swimming shape.  But a 1:09 isn't so bad.  I could have been even faster if I didn't do one really lazy sloppy turn at the 75 and if I had taken one more stroke into the wall at the end.  Maybe next week I'll do one off the block to see what I could do with a start. 

Then rested and chatted to someone walking by the pool area.  Swam a 50 easy and then did 3 rounds of ab work in the water - 20 sec side to side, 20 sec front to back and 20 secs rest.  So 1,650 yards.  Not too much but enough.  I gotta work to midnight tonight and then be back at 7am.  Ugh!  I'm off on Monday so my long run will be then and possibly an afternoon swim after.


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