No Excuses But A Starting Point.

No Excuses But A Starting Point.

Yesterday I was highly negative on my swimming as my times were not what I wanted them to be.  But after a day of thinking about the swims I have a new outlook.  A positive outlook.
Looking back at my best swim times they were all swum in one of the now banned tech suits.  Yesterday my first swim which was the 1,000 freestyle was swum in a very old pre-tech suit speedo brief.  The suit was so old and worn out it was a bit scandalous when wet.  It was tossed out after my 1,000 swim.  My two other swims were swum in a everyday workout Splish swim suit.  Not a racing suit by any means.  Now I'm a huge fan of the swim tech suits and really think in Masters Swimming they should be allowed.  We old folks need something to keep our fat in place!

Tapering and shaving down has yet another factor in my times.  I didn't shave down for this meet at all and my taper wasn't much since my yardage before hand wasn't much.  I didn't swim at all in September after my move to the east coast and since then have been hit or miss.  Some of my previous times were when I was training a full throttle for months and then was tapered and shaved down.  That is also a big big factor.

Also my training.  Yes, I am swimming.  Yes, my strokes are getting cleaned up and stronger.  But my yardage and interval training needs to ramp up.  Yesterday I swam the 200 backstroke and 200 butterfly but before yesterday hadn't swam them in maybe 8 months if not longer.  So the fact I was able to get in the water and swim them is amazing.  As for the 1,000 I also haven't swam more then a 600 in practice. 

I need to start weight training which I haven't done since August.  I've lost some of my muscle mass which has turned into let's say small pockets of fat.  I have less muscle and weigh more now.  Bad eating and alcohol consumption all have been a factor.  I'm not saying I won't indulge in alcohol but will be more sensible from time to time. 

To sum it up yesterday wasn't a bad day it was a starting point.  I know were I am in my training and can make changes.  A good nights sleep really helped me put it all in perspective.  Yeah, my times weren't great but that is okay.  We all have bad days, days to learn from.  Just as long as we get up, dust ourselves off and make changes.


My Sucked Ass 2011 Masters Annual Valentine's Meet Swim Report

If I had to sum up my swims in one sentence I'd have to use one of my favorite lines from Bart Simpson -

"I didn't think it was physically possible, but this both sucks and blows."

My swims were horrible.  Worst Swims Ever!  Here are my swims one by sucky one -

Event 1  Men 40-44 1000 Yard Freestyle
1 Mc Kenna, Joel        
                 32.04      1:06.28 (34.24)
        1:41.36 (35.08)     2:16.40 (35.04)
        2:51.81 (35.41)     3:27.56 (35.75)
        4:03.72 (36.16)     4:39.45 (35.73)
        5:14.91 (35.46)     5:50.46 (35.55)
        6:25.84 (35.38)     7:01.67 (35.83)
        7:37.97 (36.30)     8:13.25 (35.28)
        8:48.76 (35.51)     9:24.19 (35.43)
        9:59.17 (34.98)    10:34.19 (35.02)
       11:09.31 (35.12)    11:43.34 (34.03)

No offense to the other two guys who swam in my age group but this is my worst time ever.  Of course I've only swam it once before.  I swam the 1,000 about a year ago at UCLA and did a time of 11:16.70.  Today I did a 11:43.34.  Boy that did both suck and blow!

Event 4  Men 40-44 200 Yard Backstroke
3 Mc Kenna, Joel        
                 32.04      1:06.16 (34.12)
        1:41.82 (35.66)     2:16.62 (34.80)

Another event I've only swam once before and that was two years ago at Nationals in Clovis.  Back then I finished it in 2:09.04.  Today I did a 2:16.62 which was double sucking and blowing! 

Event 14  Men 40-44 200 Yard Butterfly
1 Mc Kenna, Joel         
                 30.76      1:05.84 (35.08)
        1:41.90 (36.06)     2:17.65 (35.75)

I think I should quit swimming the 200 butterfly as each time I've swum the event I get slower.  The first time I swam it I did a 2:12.95, the second time I swam it I did a 2:12.27 (okay so a bit faster) and then the third time I swam it just a year ago I did a 2:16.62.  Then today I did a 2:17.65.

Boy I really do suck and blow!  I could make excuse after excuse but there is no point to it.  I just suck!  I have you tube clips to upload of my 200's swims which I'll do later.  After I eat my weight in chocolate chip cookies!

Here Goes Nothing! My First Swim Meet For 2011

I don't compete all that much compared to other Masters swimmer but from time to time I do hit a meet.  Next month will be one of those rare times.  In 2010 I only swam one meet and that was a SCY last April at UCLA.  In 2009 I did about five meets.  But this year being 2011 I want to try at least three swim meets.  I figure one SCY, one LCM and one SCM at the very least. 

Since there is a meet in Clearwater on Feb 12th and 13 I signed up.  But only for the one day which is Saturday.  I entered the 1000 SCY Free, the 200 Fly and the 200 Backstroke.  Oy! 

I've only swam the 1,000 once and did a time of 11:16.70.  Why only once?  Well cuz' at most meets it is the same day as the 1650 and I'd rather swim the 1650.  For the upcoming meet I sandbagged my time but just a minute or two.  Hopefully I wont suck so bad and go slower then my entry time.

Now I entered to swim the 200 backstroke and once again I've only swum this race once before.  But I'm going to go for it even if I haven't been working on my backstroke at all.  I've barely swam backstroke in months.  Oh well, it's for fun!  I also sandbagged my time in this event.

Then the 200 butterfly.  I use to love the 200 butterfly.  Not so much anymore.  I should warn the lifeguards on duty before my heat starts.  I haven't swam a 200 butterfly in forever!  Not even in practice.  The most I've swam is a 100 butterfly.  This will be comical at best. 

I'm a bit nervous since I haven't been training as hard as I use to train and took a few months off this year.  That and well it's a new state, new swimmers, new surroundings it's just almost too much.  I'm a nervous guy at meets to begin with and then all this newness.  I'll be barfing I'm sure! 

For more information on the meet check out the website.