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I decided to go on my first post-marathon run tonight before the temperatures got too cold again.  All week long it's been chilly here in Florida so running has been on the back burner.  Plus I was sore both Monday and Tuesday so a few days extra recovery were in order.  Once I started to run I could feel some of those pains coming back.  Not bad enough to stop me running but faint reminders of the last few miles of the marathon.  Now my Nike+ Sportband reported that I ran 3.85 miles but that is off.  The route I ran is at least a 4.5 mile run.  I've ran it before so I know it's more then a 3.85 mile run.  Going to have to recalibrate the sportband on a run soon. Frieun
Sometime in April when the new Nike+ GPS Watch comes out I'll either buy that or get a Garmin for more accurate runs.  In the meantime I'll deal with the Nike+ Sportband.  Now given this was a 4.5 mile run this will be my running base during the week with one longer run on the weekend for the rest of the month.  I don't have any running events planned so going to take it easy for a month or so.  The three months after the LA Marathon I really cut back my running so this year I want to be above what I did last year but not that much.  In April I ran 28.23, May 3.058 and June 15.92.  I'm shooting for at least 50 miles a month.  On top of that I need to run 74 miles between today and Feb 14th which is my birthday.  Why 74 miles?  Well in Nike+ right now I'm on The Blue Level and in 74 miles I advance to The Purple Level.  Not that these levels really mean much. Levels It's just something for a goal to keep me running.  Of course it'll take me forever to get to The Black Level.  But I need to get to The Purple Level first.  I got a month to run 74 miles so it's so doable.



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