2011 New Years Resolutions: How to Kick-up Your Ab Workout!
Rearview Mirror: My December Swimming

First Swim of 2011

A new month, a new year!  Today was to be a running day but I was too tired to wake up for a long run so I decided to go swimming with the gang.  Figured I could run either later today or tomorrow.  Not that I did anything for New Years Eve but waking up and meeting up with the run group at 6:30am was a bit too early this weekend.  Since I'd most likely run to meet them I'd have to be running by 5:50am.  That didn't happen as I woke up at 6am.  So swimming it was!  Got to the pool and only one swimmer was there swimming.  It was the coach so we warmed up and he gave me a set to do.   Gotta admit I so butchered the set!  Have the memory of a steel trap, not!

Warmed up a 350 before swimming a 300 (50 drill / 25 swim)  (650)

Main Set:

2x50's on 50 (100)

1x100 on 1:30 (100/200)

4x50's on 50 (200/400)

200 on 3:00 but in my mind I had 2:40 so I left on the 2:40 (200/600)

6x50's on 50 (300/900)

300 on 4:30 pulling stretched out (300/1200)

4x50's on 45 oh wait I thought it was 6x50's!  doh!  i did all 6x50's (200/1400)

200 on 2:40 (200/1600)

2x50's on 45 tired to get back to what the set was so skipped down to the 2x50s (100/1700)

100 swim (100/1800/2450)

The point of the set was to get into pace for the 200 then hold it for the 6x50's, stretch out the 300 and then be faster on the way down.  Since I messed up the set it wasn't fully swam like that.  I was pushing myself but I still f'ed it up. 

Then we did some turns and got some feedback.  I'll get doing a correct turn yet!  Then just warmed down a 50 and got out.  Was so hungry!  Total yardage today and so far this year is 2,500!


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