January's Rearview Mirror - Swimming
The Weekend Swim Report - GatorLand Edition!

January's Rearview Mirror - Running

Well this past month running was a big focus with the Walt Disney World Marathon.  I gotta admit that since the marathon I really haven't been running.  For January I only ran 5 times for a total mileage of 47.32.  That isn't that much!  At all.  And well below my goal for the month.  Which puts me way way behind on my goal to move up to the next color level in my Nike+ Tracking.  I have 67 miles to my next level.  I was hoping to have that under my belt by my birthday on Feb 14th.  But I can say now that won't happen.  Normally I'd say in two weeks yeah I can push it.  But with a swim meet on the 12th I'd rather be swimming then putting in long runs.  I'm going to run just no really long runs.  So I'm giving myself till the end of the month to get the 67 miles in.  I'll do a few shorter runs between now and the 12th.  Then on Sunday the 13th start chasing those miles down.  I do have one fun run to do this month.  The Warrior Dash!  But considering that is all mud and water and fire and this and that I won't wear my Nike+ Sportband.  Don't wanna kill the poor device.  I gotta at least keep using it till I reach that next level.  Then I can decide if I want the new Nike+ GPS Watch that comes out in April or try another device. 

So to sum it up 47.32 miles!


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