2011 New Year New Running Sneakers - Mizuno Wave Inspire 6
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New Years Resolutions - First Run of 2011 With New Shoes, Water Belt & More

With one week to go before the Disney World Marathon I headed out for a short run this morning to try out new gear and break in my new sneakers.  Figure I have a week of short runs before the marathon to be comfortable with the new sneakers.  So I got my sneakers ready and attached my Nike+ Sensor on the new sneakers and got ready to run.  Now that took a while as my computer didn't want to sync my new playlists.  Doh!  In the meantime I filled up my new Nathan Trail Mix Energy Belt.  I've never been a fan of running with these things but I needed one.  Once I was out running I had to adjust it a few times.  Even then it just felt odd to have it on with the two water bottles.  I so should have paid attention to the weather before I had left the house as I dressed for cool weather.  It was mid-60F and the sun was out.  Doh!  Normally I love that temp but not when I'm in winter running gear.  Oh well, lesson learned!  Firstrun I'm not going to disect the mile and talk about each miles pace since really it was a bad run for me.  Overly dressed, learning to run and use the water belt bottles at the same time.  Yeah I'm an idiot and the first time I tried to use the bottle I spilt more of it on me then I drank.  Took a few water drinking attempts to get it down.  Also with my new playlist I was going faster then I wanted at one point when I was doing my dancing, singing and running thing.  Totally need to remember not to sing out loud and wave my hands around next week during the marathon.  I think a cyclist had a good laugh at my behavior while running this morning.  I was a singing, hand flipping running fool!  Slowgeek_shoetracker I am holding off judgement on my new Mizuno Wave Inspire 6's since it was only one run and I'm breaking them in.  Running only 4.6 miles can't tell me much about them.  But they do have one thing so far over my old Asics and that is how the top lace hole doesn't seem to rub at all compared to how the Asics would. 

When I logged into Nike+ I got some fun year end data from 2010 to look at... Rundown
2010 I edited out how I didn't make any of my running goals since well who cares!  Motivated I did make a new goal for this month and that is to run at least 100 Miles.  Now that will include this week and the 26.2 miles next week so it is a doable goal.  My next goal will be to move from The Blue Level to The Black Level in Nike+.  If you don't know what it means I can just say that it's based on number of miles run over time.  It's like moving up to the next Playing Level in a video game.  I'd like to be in The Black Level by my 41st birthday on Valentines Day!  So I got some running to do this month!


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