Rearview Mirror: My December Swimming
Saturday's Swim Report - New Year, Old Year and 2013.

Rearview Mirror: My 2010 Running

And I ran, I ran so far away.  I just ran, I ran all night and day.  Well at least I ran a lot in 2010 more then any other year.  In fact I ran almost as many miles in 2010 then I have ran my whole entire life!  How do I know that?  Well for one I've used Nike+ to track my running and for two I never ran before I had Nike+.  I didn't start running to 2007.  I hated running.  My ex-partner was the runner and I'd go to 5K/10K's with him and just watch him run by while I enjoyed a bagel and a coffee.  I'd watch his facial expressions as he ran by me and it looked like he was having a stroke so I decided that running wasn't for me.  I'll stick to swimming.  But then he would ask me to run with him on short runs.  I usually said no but over time he wore me down so I'd run a two mile run.  Then I signed up for a 5K and had to train like crazy.  Yeah running a mile was tough, two was a killer but running 3 miles was crazy impossible!  So running 701.9 miles in 2010 is a personal lifetime best achievement.  I also am proud to have run the 13.1 Los Angeles and the LA Marathon.  My times weren't great but I finished.  2010running
701.9 miles in 2010 is within 9 miles of the previous 3 years miles run combined!  In 2009 I ran 367.86, 2008 I ran 221.61, 2007 I ran 128.11.  I don't consider myself a runner just a cross trainer for swimming but at least I don't hate running.  I actually like it.  For 2011 I am not setting any goals besides running next weekends Disney World Marathon and to keep running after.  Just to keep running!


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