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12 of 12 January 2011 - Swimming!

12 of 12 January 2011 - Swimming!

Chad of the Untitled Chad Darnell Project created the 12 of 12 Photo Essay thingy that I sometimes take part on.  These are my pix for the month see more at Chad's blog Untitled Chad Darnell Project.

1.  I love the smell of chlorine in the morning! 0212010805 I was up at 4am as I was meeting some swim mates a bit after 5am to drive the 1 hour and 50 minutes to Clearwater, Florida to compete in day one of the US Masters Clearwater Valentine's Day Swim Meet.  Warm up for the 1,000 Free was at 7am!  Yikes!

2.  Bringing Sexy Back!  Well, bringing my fat ass to the backstroke! 0212011054 Up after the 1,000 we had another warm up before the 200 backstroke started.  I took a picture of the heat sheet.

3.  I feel like a former governor from Alaska!   0212011055
A little trick I learned in age group swimming!

4.  Gu Me! 0212011233 Vanilla Bean is one of my favorite Gu Energy Gel flavors!  I could live on this stuff!

5.  God I Suck!   0212011351 I had a really slow swim today!  Doh!  In all my events!  Oh well. 

6. Still sucking! 0212011352 Grr...such a bad time.  My splits were so f'in messed up.  Such a bad bad swim!

7.  Tripple Sucking! 0212011352a
Good thing I only signed up to swim one day as I don't think my ego could take another day of sucking!

8.  Hot Men In Speedos! 0212011028a Ha!  Made ya look!  These two warm up lanes were reserved for people age 65+.  I've never seen that at a masters meet but think it's a great idea. 

9.  Calling It A Day! 0212011353a The pool from outside.  Tried to get a better picture from various angles but this was the best one that came out.  Stupid phone!

10. On The Road Again... 0212011410

The Courtney Campbell Causeway is the northernmost bridge across Old Tampa Bay.  I think this is one of the most breathtaking parts of Central Florida.  Is Tampa in Central Florida?  Okay so let's say north of Miami besides Disney World.  Yeah, that's better!

11.  So Nice I Posted It Twice 0212011410e Okay, it's blurry as I was in a car!

12.  Me Love Cookies! 0212011933
Baked some leftover cookies!  Yummy!  Of course that was after my steak dinner.  But I didn't take a picture of the steak.  Was too hungry to take the time!



I'm impressed at your dedication, getting up that early for swimming. And hey - that means next time you'll be faster. Gotta have the slow days sometimes, to make us work harder and better next time, so I bet your next meet will blow this one out of the... well, water. And mmmm, cookies and steak.

Sorry I’m a bit late commenting – here at last (and my own 12 posted too). Just a busy time!

Helen (Dogeared)

Yummmmm, cookies!
I'm a huge fan of Chocolate Outrage. Tastes like uncooked brownies.

Thanks for sharing your day - slow or no. :)

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