Sneak Peak of Thursday's Swim Workout.
Rexona Australia's Greatest Athlete - Season 3 - Ep 1

'B' is for BUILD.

Last night I posted this mornings workout LINK and didn't know what the B was in 3x100 on 1:40 - s, k, p, b.  Well the S is for Swim, K is for Kick, P is for Pull and the B is for Build.  Ahhh!  So glad it wasn't Butterfly or Butterscotch.  I don't like Butterscotch.  I hope I never get old enough to enjoy Werthers Originals.  Anywho...

1x500 loosen (500)

6x50 kick on 1:00 (300/800) Since I've yet to buy a pair of fins I do the kicking without fins. So my swim mate asked if I wanted an easier interval but said "no, the minute will make me kick faster and not lollygag".  Which just meant I had little rest but kicking with a kickboard at least let me breath comfortably.

3x100 on 1:40 - s, k, p, b (300/1100)

We rested a bit before going into the next part...

3x100 on 1:40

1x300 on 4:30

4x50 on :50

1x200 on 3:00 (1000/2100)

My 3x100's were okay. Basically I was trying to get to my pace interval for the 300 and the later 200.  But like yesterday my 300 was craptastic!  I just was struggling to get into a pace.  Then again looking back at my longer distance swims it isn't to about the 300 were I fall into my pace for the rest of the swim.  But need to work on getting there a bit earlier for workouts.  I don't remember how I did for the 200 but I do remember being "meh" about it.

Then regrouped.

5(4x50 on :45) xxxx gets his fins. You have the option of doing specialty on the last 2 sets on :55.

Swim the 50s like a broken 200 - each set a little faster.

rest 30 sec between each set (1000/3100) 

I swam the 4x50's like 5x200's as per the above notes on the set.  I pretty much stuck to 34/35/35/33 or faster on each round.  Well I was a bit faster on the 3rd and 4th 50 of the 4th round since it was my swim mates last round.  I swam the 5th round on my own.  Since the 4th round was my swim mates last round he went faster so I had to go faster.  Well I didn't but I wanted to stick with him.  I used this set to work on keeping my head down and not breathing coming into the wall at the end of my 50.  Luckily the lane I swam in has the filter things on the bottom of the pool and I used one to know I was were the flags would be so I'd try to not breath from that point in.  During my swims I thought I was keeping my head down but the coach said at times I was still bobbing my head all over the place.  When I swim fast or trying to swim fast I know sometimes I keep my head tilted as if I'm mid breath or I just don't return my head all the way into neutral after my breathing.  Ugh!  So much to remember to do when swimming.  Head in neutral, pivot hips, elbows up and most of all BREATH!  So much stuff to remember! 

I then just did 6x25's very slow kicking and got out.  I had to go to the bathroom so I just gave up and got out.  (150/3250)  So 3,250 yards in about an hour if not a bit less.  Not to bad. 





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