Tuesday's Swim Report - Ooh baby, she's got it!
Wednesday Swim Report - Working It Out In Sets and With Swimmers

Best Laid Plans Don't Always Mean Longer Workouts

Yesterday I was so motivated to swim after I was done with my sluggish morning workout.  Well motivated in that I was going to push myself and swim like mad today.  Then last night I was more on the fence.  I still wanted to swim but just not so hard.  That must have stuck somewhere in my head as when I woke up this morning it was a chore to just get out of bed.  I had zero motivation!  Well not zero because I told myself that I'd feel better and be happy after my workout.  So I dragged my ass to the pool.

Warmed Up a mixed 550.  I felt pretty good.  Shockingly my body was waking up.

200 Kick (200/750)

4x50's Kick/Drill (200/950)


4x50's Swim on 50 getting warmed up and on a pace (200)

2x100's on 1:40 pace (200/400/1350)

rest a bit

300 Fast (300/1650)

My first 100 I came in about a 1:10 and my second a 1:06.  I figured as long as I came in between those two times I'd be okay.  I ended up swimming a 3:23 for the 300.  Which isn't bad but not great.  My first 100 I was out in a 1:06.  Then I got lazy and my stroke fell apart from time to time.  I had to keep thinking about my head position and self correct myself.  I don't want to say I was tired but swimming sloppy.  And it showed in my times. 

Easy 199 (100/1750)

we then did 4x50's drill / swim by 25.  I did these butterfly since I'm working on my stroke.  (200/1950)

I then swam an easy 50 after all that.  So 2,000 yards.  My plan was to stay in and swim another set on my own but well I didn't.  I got out with everyone and headed home.  Just didn't have the morning motivation to push myself.  Luckily tomorrow's workout may be more of a challenge.  We will see. 


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