Saturday Morning Swim
Swimming Like A Slug

If It's Sunday It's Killday!

I decided that Sunday is going to be my weekly high yardage workout.  Since everyone sleeps in and then comes and swims at 8:45 I figure I can get up and swim before our workout.  Plus that will give me some time to work on my speedo tan line!  So I woke up and hit the pool at 7:15 and finished up around 10:00. 

Warm Up

200 swim / 200 pull / 200 kick / 200 swim (800)

4x200's on 3 minutes descending.  Which I know I did but forgot what my times were.  (800/1600)

400 Pulling w/ paddles (400/2000)

4x100's on 1:30 descending (400/2400)

5x100's Kick on 2:05  (500/2900)

4x50's Kick butterfly on some interval (200/3100)

4x50's fly swim on some interval (200/3300)

Then it was time for the swimmer to start the morning workout.  I got in a 400 during the warm up.  (400/3700)

8x50's 4 kick / 4 kick 25 swim 25 (400/4100)

6x100's Free descend on 1:40.  I did okay on these and got down to a 1:04 on the last one.  I was shooting for a one double o'.  (600/4700)

4x75's Pulling (300/5000)

12x25's drill/kick/swim I did these butterly (300/5300)

Then that was it besides a 50 warm down that I did.  (50/5350)

Considering I haven't been doing that much yardage in ages I feel pretty good.  Of course I'll be hurting later.  But after swimming last weekend it was clear that I need to increase my yardage and speed up my interval training.  So one step at a time.





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