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If It's Sunday It's Killday!

Saturday Morning Swim

Getting up on a Saturday morning to work out is hard enough never mind getting up after a night of little sleep.  I went to bed sorta early but damn I kept waking up off and on all night long.  So it took all three alarms that I have set to get me out of bed!  Even once I was out of bed it was slow going while I played Cityville instead of grabbing my swim stuff.  I gotta admit that my original plan was to wake up and drive to the pool a bit early.  Leave my stuff but run a very short run down the fitness trail near the pool.  But that didn't happen!  I need to get back into running but so not motivated.  I figured if I can squeeze in the run in the morning before swimming I won't keep finding excuses not to run.  Tomorrow I will run before swimming since we swim later!  Really!  Well I'll try...

I forgot that on Saturday the pool opens earlier then weekdays so I was late and missed warm up.  I started at the 200 kick portion of the workout.  Then it was right into the first set.

4x200's IM on 3:15 (or was it 3:30?)  Descending!  Since I didn't warm up the first one was a bit rusty.  But that was okay.  It helped me with my descend! (800/1000)

5x150's Free on 2:15.  These were free descending.  I pulled the first three and swam the last two.  The first one was to be stretched out with an almost catch up like stroke.  The second one only the first 100 was to be stretched out with an almost catch up like stroke.  And the third one only the first 50 was to be stretched out with an almost catch up like stroke. (750/1750)

4x50's Pulling w/ paddles on 1:15 descend. (200/1950)

50 easy (50/2000)

Since I had the pool to myself at this point I just did 5x100's Pull with paddles.  No interval.  Just swam them and rested for about 10 seconds.  Nice and easy.  (500/2500)

And that was it.  An easy Saturday morning workout. 


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