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'B' is for BUILD.

Sneak Peak of Thursday's Swim Workout.

Fun fun!  Love it when the coach emails me the workout.  I print it out and put it in a ziplock bag at the end of my lane.  I do this mostly cuz' I save the printed workouts in case I swim again.  But I love printing them out in general cuz' I just can never remember what I'm swimming!  So here is tomorrow's workout.  I've changed the names to protect the innocent -

xxxx - Joel has promised to print this out in big font just for you, old man.

1x500 loosen

6x50 kick on 1:00

3x100 on 1:40 - s, k, p, b

3x100 on 1:40 1x300 on 4:30

4x50 on :50 1x200 on 3:00

5(4x50 on :45) xxxx gets his fins. You have the option of doing specialty on the last 2 sets on :55.

Swim the 50s like a broken 200 - each set a little faster.

rest 30 sec between each set

12x25 - kick 1, sprint 1 on the house

So even though it is printed and ready to go I need to ask him what B is as in S, K, P, B.  Swim, Kick, Pull…B?  Butterfly maybe?  Now I know specialty is code for choice or in my case butterfly.  I think "on the house" means choice also.  Unless specialty means best stroke besides free so that I guess is butterfly and house is my choice.  So I could do backstroke.  Or even breaststroke if well I was dumb enough to think I can swim breaststroke reasonably well.




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