Friday's Swim Report - Someone Who Isn't Me or S.W.I.M.
Introducing The National Swim Team of Canada

Swimming And Salsa Don't Mix!

I had salsa and chips with my lunch today and then when swimming later in the afternoon I so thought I was going to puke salsa in the pool.  I actually decided to cut my swim short before I puked.  Besides that it was an easy swim in the sun. 

Warm Up


300 (swim/kick/pull)

So a total of a 700 warm up


2x50's on 50 Pull (100)

100 Swim on 1:20 (100/200)

4x50's on 50 Pull (200/400)

200 Swim on 2:40 (200/600)

6x50's on 50 Pull (300/900)

300 Swim (300/1200/1900)

Now the set is only half of what the set was to be.  I had done this set but all swimming on a slower interval a few weeks ago.  I was toying with the idea of doing the set again starting with the 2x50's but making the 50's swim on a faster interval and the distances pulling.  But I wasn't in the mood for that.  So then I was going to do easy 50's and IM for the distances.  I ended up doing 2x50's free pull on 50 and 1x100 IM before giving up on the set.  I so need others to motivate me.  I then warmed down a 100.  So another 300 yards.  Total swim was just 2,200 yards.  I plan on getting up and swimming tomorrow morning.  Hopefully I'll be motivated by others!


Ha ha ha glad you didn't puke in the pool. And how ironic, to the right of the comment box I see an ad about "Nutrition for Performance Videos Series: & Garrett Weber-Gale are on a mission to help educate you on better nutrition!". Maybe you should watch that video? :-D

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