If It's Sunday It's Killday!
Tuesday's Swim Report - Ooh baby, she's got it!

Swimming Like A Slug

It was my reboot day.  A day to start all over.  After Sunday's long swim I took yesterday off.  Which all lead to a stuggle of a swim today trying to get back into it.  My warm up was a mixed 500 doing the last half drill/swim.  Then we did a 300 kick. 

Main Set: (1350/1950)

9x150's as follows -

1-3 on 3:40 IM (50 fly / 50 back / 25 breast / 25 free)

4-6 on 3:30 75 fly / 75 back

7-9 on 3:20 25 fly / 25 free / 25 back / 25 free / 25 fly / 25 free

Oy!  I was beat!  I then did some 1/2 laps butterfly to get feedback from the coach and that was it!  So tired and sore.  Like I said I swam like a slug today!  So if my math is right which I doubt since I'm a zombie I swam about 2,000 yards.



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