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Swimming Through The Smoke Filled Air

It's a pretty crappy morning here in Florida.  We got some grass fires going causing the air to be filled with smoke.  On top of that it's very foggy so the air is smokey and wet.  Not a fun thing to be inhaling while working out outside.  Luckily it was an easy morning workout.

Warmed up a mixed 550.

4x100's on 2 minutes.  first 2 all kick / second 2 kickswim (400/950)

3x200's on 3:10 descending breathing every 3 (600/1550)  I was slowly waking up during this part of the set.  After taking two days off I felt sluggish and so not into swimming. 

4x100's IM on 1:45 Descend.  I don't want to say I was struggling but I was a bit slow today.  Mind over matter, tired, smoke...take a pick.  Just wasn't into the swim I guess.  (400/1950)

did a 50 easy (50/2000)

then did a bunch of swimming half way and back to work on my butterfly with coach. 

then i did a stretched out mixed 200 (200/2200)

So not a hard workout at all.  Hopefully tomorrow I'll be back into swimming and get some more yardage in. 


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