Rexona Australia's Greatest Athlete - Season 3 - Ep 1
Infraspinatus? Is That Anything Like A Empanada?

Thursday's Swim Report - Is That Your Trident In Your Swim Suit Or Are You Just Happy To See Me?

1.  Nick Brunelli blogs about "My Favorite Training Device and most commonly used Equipment…My favorite training device I work on is The RocketTower. This thing can put a FASTdouble beating on you but also teach you how it feels to go 20.00 In a 50 free LC from a push. I have used this device for 2 years consistently and not until recently have used it enough."  It's actually a pretty cool device.  I'd love to try out the rocket tower sometime.

2.  The Tahoe Daily Tribune report "Korean swim team training in South Lake pool…Part of the Korean national swim team is training for the 2012 Olympics in South Lake Tahoe — and not just at the pool. The group of five sprinters and one butterfly competitor led by coach Sung K. Baek is also hitting the slopes with hopes that the high-altitude exercise will heighten their abilities in the water."

3.  Who are the most impressive US Masters Swimmers?  Well Scott has posted a list over at the USMS Forum of the "Top Ten Most consecutive years."  A post that includes numerous swimmers who have made top ten times at least 20 consecutive years and up!  HOLY SWIMMERS!

4.  Swimming Science looks at "Master's swimmer flexibility…Many Master’s swimmers are inflexible…or this reason, initiating a proper dynamic warm-up and prehabilitation program out of the pool, encompassing flexibility and strengthening into the workout and encouraging adequate warm down and stretching following workout is essential."  While I do believe with this post I just wish for the sake of "science" there would have been some medical article reference and a bit more science. In other news from Joel Science comes the news that "the sun is hot".

5. The Race Club has a video on "Breathing Patterns…This week we’re going to talk about oxygen, the most important nutrient and one that we often overlook."

6.  TodayOnline reports on "From swim star to hockey CEO…Former national swimmer Mark Chay has swapped his swimming trunks for hockey sticks as the new chief executive officer of the Singapore Hockey Federation (SHF)."

7.  As Homer Simpson once said, "Wait a minute! This isn't Weird magazine!" But anyways,  Wired Magazine talks (with video) about "Secrets of Swimming in Sand Revealed…Using a lizard, a snaky robot and computer simulations, researchers have captured the secrets of swimming through sand."

8.  Hey, It's Got Aquaman in it!  From io9 - "Exclusive premiere of the Justice League XXX
AquaMan-v1-modified trailer, with Ron Jeremy as the Penguin…When a great evil threatens porn's very existence, The Justice League of Porn Stars Heroes comes together to battle The Legion of Poon. Can Batman and Robin tag-team Catwoman into submission? Are Wonder Woman's truth juices enough to get the General talking? Will the sexy Mob Boss stop the Flash in his tracks? Can Superman get Zatanna to turn a trick? Will the Green Lantern let Harley Quinn strip him of his clothes and his ring? What are Lex Luthor and Poison Ivy scheming, and will the blow bang of Wonder Woman help the heroes focus on the mission ahead? Only watching 'The Justice League XXX' will reveal the answers, as the porn star heroes try to save the world, one orgy at a time
." photo via

9.  Athletic Business asks "Did You Hear the One About the Naked Swimmer?"  It's not as exxxciting as I had hoped but gave me a chuckle just the same.

10.  That's Gonna Hurt!  How not to dive via Failblog


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