Easy Breezy Steamy Saturday
The Race Club: Secret Tip Legs - Inertia

Sunday, SUNday, SUNDAY! Monster Truck, ahh, Swim Day!

Well not that much of a monster.  But I woke up and headed to the pool before the other folks came.  This time the coach gave me a workout to do...

1x300 loosen (300)

2(100 pull, 50 kick, 100 swim) (500/800)

Main Set:

1x400 free on 5:40 4x100 IM on 2:00

1x300 free on 4:20 3x100 IM on 1:50

1x200 free on 3:00 2x100 IM on 1:40

1x100 free on 1:40 1x100 IM on nothing

There are 10 100 IMs altogether.  Descend them 1>10.  The freestyle swims should be pace.

The free pacing was pretty much easy and kept on the pace for all the freestyles.  The IM descending were not so much descending as they were pace.  I just couldn't get into gear.  I just kept plopping along.  So that was 2,800 yards.

I took an easy 100. (100/2900)

Then did 12x50's Kick.  I did 3 free on 1:15, chatted with some folks, 3 free on 1:15 took a pee break, 3x50's fly/back/breast, chatted some more, 3x50's free.  (600/3500)

Then did a 150 pull.  (150/3650)

So then I'm all caught up with the swimmers. 

8x50's on 1:40 4 kick & 4 kick/drill (400/4050)

Since everyone was tappering but me it was an easy workout.

A 300.  First 200 we swam on a pace.  The coach picks one person and we are to stay on pace with that person for the 200.  The last 100 is whatever.  Two of us raced.  I was getting tired from the workout but held my own. (300/4350)

4x25's Sprint (100/4450)

4x50's Spint on 60.  We were to be sprinting them holding what would be our 200 pace.  I had a swim mate to race against.  Damn, those sprinters. (200/4650)

and that basically was it.  I warmed down a 100 (100/4750)  Everyone stayed for some turns and stroke work.  But I was beat and got out. 





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