Thursday's Swim Report - Master and Masters
Friday's Swim Report - Swimming Royalty Edition

Cloudy With A Chance Of Swimming

Grrr...I am so wimping out on running of late.  Another morning of setting my alarm to have an easy run before swimming has gone by with me hitting snooze.  I kept hitting snooze and it eventually defaulted to reset.  Luckily I woke up on my own in time to go swimming.

Warm Up 200 Swim / 300 Pull / 200 Kick then 300 alternating Catch Up Drill and Tumblr_li2jw83Xak1qb62c4o1_500 Build by 50.  (1000)

Main Set -

6x100's Free on 2 mins. descend (600/1600) I was okay with my descends.  Not as fast as what I had set in my mind as my goal but not so bad.  I started with a 1:15 then dropped to a 1:09 then slowly dropping down to a 1:03.  Now I've always had lazy bad turns but since I've been working on them I'm tried to keep them somewhat okay.  But after I swam I realized my third turn always seems to be the one that falls apart.  I really felt it on my last one.  Something for me to keep in mind.

Then I did a 50 easy (50/1650)

8x50's Pull on 50 Breathing every 3 (400/2050)

So not the greatest swim but felt a bit better then Wednesday.  The neck and lower back pain seems to have moved over to my right shoulder.  More specifically the area I had a pinched nerve a few years ago.  Taking yesterday off from working out really helped my body reset.  I'm just going to start listening to my body a bit more and see how I'm feeling over the next week.

I'll be heading to the gym for some weight training today and maybe a possible spinning class.  It all depends.  The gym is having a demonstration at 2:30 on some of the machines on the first floor of the gym so I want to check it out.  I've used some of these machines in the past but that was when I first joined a gym some 7 years ago.  I think it was 7 years ago last week.  I know I joined a gym on Easter Sunday for what it's worth. 

(image via texas swimming)


We need to listen to our body before doing our day-to-day activity. We should not take for granted anything bad we feel 'coz it might be a symptom already. Thus, it would still be better to have it checked by a professional. Sometimes, a neck pain is not as simple as we always think it is.

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