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Another Typical Gym Day

Early Morning Swim By Moonlight!

Yesterday morning I woke up and got to the gym a tad after 5:30 and went right up to the spinning (Group Ride, 24 Cycle, whatever) room to grab a bike.  Right off the bat I knew that this instructor who is a favorite of so many people I talk to just isn't my favorite instructor.  But no matter what I kept reminding myself about an old instructor who'd comment something about "you only get out of this class from what you put in."  So I figured I'd work the class hard and amp up my resistance. 

After the class I hit the treadmill for a 1 mile run.  Well not so much all of a run.  I did some fast walking at 4.5 setting for a bit.  I got those shin pains again.  I really hate treadmills!  Actually those pains probably say more about my bad running form then the treadmill but I'll blame the machines.  Then quickly did some leg weights before getting ready for work. 

Then this morning it was wakey wakey bright and early.  I had to be up and meet the coach at 5am to drive down to Leesburg to swim at 5:30.  Oy!  Getting up so early and swimming is actually pretty good.  By the time I get to the pool I'm wide awake and ready to go.

The Workout

1x500 loosen

1x300 kick with fins

Then we regrouped for some drilling and kicking.

3x100 on 2:00 kick/drill with fins (300/1100)

Main Set -

1x400 (a 450 for me) on 6:30 - catch-up on the 1st 200

2x200 on 3:20 - catch-up on the 1st 100

4x100 on 1:40 - catch-up on the 1st 25

Then we held up before moving on.  (1250/2350)  I really wasn't warmed up before starting the 450.  The first 250 drilling catch up was burning my shoulders.  I must have been swimming too flat or something.  I didn't get my splits on the 400 but felt good the 2nd half.  For the 200's all I can say was that my splits weren't horrible.  I was much better in the 4x100's.

8x50 on 1:00 - alternate between a long stroke 50 and a sprint 50.  I did these fly/back/back and free.  (400/2750)

25's.  We went one by one and the coach corrected our stroke.  I did 4 of them freestyle.  But I was really working on my bilateral breathing.  Now in my freestyle in workouts I use to really lift my head out to breath which I've been working on my right side.  I still have some head bobbing with my breathing but it's getting better.  But when I do breath every 3 I really notice the head lifting on my left side.  So that is something I wanted to see myself work on today.  (100/2850)

And that was it.  Later today I'll hit the gym for arms/chest weights.  Tomorrow morning will do spinning class again and leg weights.  I should skip it and do a long run but that is what Saturday's are for when and if I wake up.


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