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Boot Camp Kicked My Ass!

Hello Joel, This Is Your Body. Are You Listening To Me?

Since the Leesburg pool is closed it meant getting in some extra sleep this morning.  I figured with a bit of extra rest I could even maybe do a short run before heading to the local pool at 7am.  But my body was talking to me big time telling me not to go running.  My legs were a bit stiff.  So I just stayed in bed to a lil' after 6am.  I figured I'd just go swimming and skip the run. 

At the pool we were lucky that they let us in a few minutes early but not so lucky that they didn't unlock the storage room with kickboards and the clocks.  The coach had his pace wrist watch so he gave us the send offs. 

Once I got into the workout I could feel pain in just about every muscle and bone in my body.  I kept slowly warming up hoping they'd all work out.  100 Swim, 200 Pull, 100 Drill and then a 50 swim with fins.  Then we did 6x50's - 3 Kick / 3 kick/drill.  So a 750 warm up.  I knew the main set was going to be IM so I did some stroke to warm up.  But not enough for my body to be ready.

Main Set:

100 Back on 1:40

200 IM on 3:20

300 IM on 5:00

300 IM on 5:00

200 IM on 3:20

100 IM

The second half was to be faster then the first.  Which even with my body slowly falling apart was pretty easy to do as I was slowly warming up.  My legs were tired and stiff, my neck had some sorta kink in it and everything else felt blech.  During the second half I started to bargain with my body telling it that if I can hold it together during this set I'll take tomorrow off as a recovery.  My body agreed and I did do better the second half.  Feeling less pain and more speed.  The coach said my 2nd 300 was about 6 seconds faster.  The rest I just have to guess I went faster based on how I felt.  (1200/1950)

I then did an easy 100 and got out for a 2,050 yard swim.  I work the afternoon shift and will hopefully feel up to doing arms / chest weights.  I was debating on taking a Boot Camp class but I don't know.  See how I'm feeling as the day goes on.  But tomorrow I'm not taking any classes, no swimming and no leg weights.  Notice I didn't say anything about running.  I'm going to wait to see how I feel the rest of today and when I wake up tomorrow.  I gotta work at 8am tomorrow so running just might not happen.  Guess I'll just wait and see what my body is telling me then!


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