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I Want My Damn Nike+ Purple Colors!

For months I've been inching towards The Purple Level on Nike+.  Finally I only had less then 4 mile to run.  I told myself I had to do it today.  I had to end April on a somewhat high note.  I had to defeat one goal!  That was To Be Purple!  So after work and dinner I fought my inner laziness and hit the road. Wtf_blue
I ran 4.53 miles.  I ran a bit extra to make sure I didn't miss The Purple Level.  So why is it still blue?  I'm still fucking blue!  I failed!  Nike+ is so fucking with me! Levels I know that it rounds up and down.  The other day I was at 5 miles to go and then ran 2 miles and it then was 4 miles to go.  So then I looked up what I needed to run to get to The Purple Level and by my calculations had to run 3.83 miles. 6a00d8341c6c5753ef0147e19602fc970b-500wi
See 1553 miles!  I ran 1553.71.  I'm PURPLE!  But it's telling me one more mile!  So tomorrow on May 1st I'll run 1 mile at the gym just to get this damn thing Purple.  But really Nike+ is so fucking with me as this video popped up...

Update:  I went back and logged into Nike+ to add up my running for April and it turns out I'm Purple After All! Purple_ohyeah
If only they had a Pink Level!


I actually got to the black level.... Took over 3 years, but now the nikeplus website doesn't think I ran all those miles from before. Now, they added another color called Volt after black!

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