Minnetonka Swim Club Backstroke Catch Up Drill
It's Better In Groups! Today's Gym Workout


Ji-ji-ji-jit-jit-jitt-jitt-jittery!  Before I workout I always take a caffeine pill.  I buy the generic 200mg pills and pop one before working out.  But this morning I decided I didn't want to be groggy so I took 2 of the 200mg pills. OY!  My heart is still beating like I'm on crack!  Too much caffeine is not fun while working out.  And yeah, I know caffeine is a banned substance but seriously if USMS would to put the rule into effect no one would be in the pool swimming and Starbucks near every local pool would go out of business.

Warm Up

Tumblr_ljjqghJtxr1qdmt1qo1_500 100 Swim / 200 Pull / 50 Swim / 150 Drilling with fins.  Then we did a 200 kick with fins.  (700)

Main Set:

I'm first going to post the core workout then what I did.

400 Free on 6:40

3x200's Free Descend on 3:20

Then 2 Rounds of 4x50's on 50.

What I did...

450 on 6:40

2x225's on 3:20 and 1x250 on 3:20 (which was a moot interval since we rested a bit before doing rour 2 Rounds of 4x50's)

4x50's on 50

The slower group did something else which I don't remember.  For my 2x225's what I did was for the 1st one I got my 100 split and my 200 split and didn't bother with the last 25 since no clock was at that end of the pool and for my 2nd one at the 25 I looked at the clock so I then got my 100 split and 200 split from that point.  For the 250 I couldn't see my 100 split but at the 200 I was around a 2:16 and damn if I can remember my 250 time now.  For my 450 I went out too fast for my 1st 100 feeling that caffeine then pulled back.  I also can't remember what I did it in.  (1350/2050)

So 2,050 yards.  This afternoon is a gym day.  Trying to decide if it'll be a leg/abs or arms/chest day.





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