Garrett Weber-Gale Blast from the Past
Friday's Swim Report - I 'Refudiate' The Spelling of Phelps Phans & Phourth

Kicking vs Swimming. Pick A Winner!

Yawn!  Last night I was debating on swimming or sleeping in.  I figured I'd let fate decide and not turn on my alarm.  Nature decided I needed the workout and woke me up at 5:30ish.  Nature is a bitch!  I grabbed my stuff and headed over to the pool for 7am. 

Warm Up

I did a 400 mixing up free swim, free pull and drill stroke work.  I knew it was going to be an IM workout so figured I'd drill some stroke.

4x50's Kick.  Wahoo!  I get to use my fins!  It was nice to finish first for a chance.  Of course the super fast kicker wasn't at practice today.  Look forward to see how I stack up next to him.  After two swims with my new fins I realized how weak my ankles are.  I knew that already but boy do I know now how bad they are!

Main Set:

8x125's IM on 2:15 - 2 Rounds - 50 fly/25 back/breast/free, 25 fly/50 back/25 breast/free, 25 fly/back/50 breast/25free, 25 fly/back/breast/50 free and repeat. (1200/1800)

Oh boy did I feel tired and lazy during the set.  One other swimmer swam the 125's with me but did them freestyle and descended.  I used him as a guide for my pacing.  I was getting plenty of rest but boy was I fading during the set.  The last one I really tried to blast it. 

2 Rounds 4x50's Free with fins on 40.  Rest between rounds.  Talk about fading!  I so sucked!  I started with a 31 and got slower by each 50.  Mostly cuz' I have no cordination.  I can't chew and walk at the same time and I can't kick and swim at the same time. Something hopefully more fin swimming sets will help me learn. Been trying for so long to master the art of swimming and kicking at the same time.  I mean I do the movements but my mind can only tell one of them to work hard at a time.  When I tried to use my arms to pull myself I'd notice my legs would stop.  When I was thinking of my kick my arms just seemed slow or out of sync.  (400/2200)

And that was it.  2,200 yards.  Not too bad. 


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