Matt Patton and and Dan Madwed Blast from the Past
Sunday's Swim Report - Shirtless Sundays!

Slow Poke Sunday

It's Sunday!  Time to reboot my week!  Saturday's I take off to let my body recover.  Maybe I relaxed too much on Saturday since last night I couldn't sleep.  I watched countless repeats of some lame show called Fairly Legal on Hulu trying to fall asleep.  I always try to watch shows I don't care about when in bed so I don't try to find out the ending of the show. That plan didn't work last night. I was hoping I'd get a good night sleep and go on a short run before swimming.  But I was too tired and skipped the running.  In fact I almost skipped the swimming. It took me together to get my act together and get to the pool.  Once a the pool I was moving super slow gathering the clock and my equipment to workout.
The Workout (copied from email sent to me from coach) -
1x500 loosen

4x100 on 2:00 kick with those new fins

6x50 on :45  1x300 on 4:30

4x50 on :45  1x200 on 3:00

2x50 on :45  5x100 descending on 1:30

1x300 easy pull
swim with us

That 500 warm up was slow.  The whole workout was slow.  The 50's, 300, 200, 100 was all continuous.  The 300 felt like crap.  I did a 3:50 for my time. It felt like I was swimming a 1,000 and not a 300.  My 200 time was a 2:30ish.  Really that was bad.  Then my 5x100's were pathetic.  My fastest one was like a 1:10.  That was 2,800 yards. Then I was done a bit early so I swam and kicked some more.

200 kick / 100 easy swim / 100 easy pull / 100 reverse IM kick / 100 reverse IM pull / 75 drill fly / 25 swim fly (800/3,600)

200 Kick (200/3,800)

Main Set -
4x50's Free on 60
8x100's Free on 2 minutes (1st - 50 Sprint / Easy, 2nd - 50 Easy / Sprint, Pace, FAST then repeat)
4x50's Free on 60 (1200/5,000)

I felt okay during the 8x100's.  Better and faster then my earlier 5x100's descending.  My half sprint and half easy I was doing 1:15's. My pace I was at 1:11.  And my sprints were 1:04 and 1:02.  So much much better! 

I did a 50 easy and got out.  Well I went to the restroom and was going to swim some more but everyone was just chit chatting.  I got back in the water and never did swim anymore.  So 5,050 yards.  Not bad of a reboot swim.  I guess I slept walked the first hour of swimming!


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