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Back Off Helpfull Nudge! I'm Over You miCoach!

Okay so I didn't run before swimming this morning.  I know I said I was going to run.  But the 5am alarm came and went.  That snooze button is so friendly!  But I did go swimming so that is something.  Of course when I got back from swimming or actually when I checked email after swimming on the way home I found this helpfull little reminder that I'm a running slacker from miCoach Micoach
Yeah, Adidas miCoach I'm still running and my workouts actually don't miss me.  I just stopped using you because well, you don't update status reports to twitter while RunKeeper does.  So there!  Also I have friends who use either Nike+ or RunKeeper so we can challenge each other.  So sorry Adidas miCoach in my book you lost the running app race.

As for swimming today it was a decent day.  I actually liked the set.  Even though it seemed to take a bit before I was feeling fast.  Notice I said fast as my technique was just not there.

Warmed up a mixed 600.  Then we did a 200 Kick.  So 800 yard warm up.

Main Set - Okay so we had a choice.  Well I had a choice, sort of.  As did one other swim mate.  So one group of swimmers swam 5x50's on 55, a 500 on an interval then 3 sets of 5x50's each getting faster on intervals of 50/55/60 by group.  Myself and my lane mate swam a different set:

5x50's Free on 55.  To set the pace

3x400's on 6  minutes.  1st 400 swim paced. that didn't go so well.  I went out too fast in the 1st 100.  Couldn't find a pace.  Did it in about a 5:05.  2nd 400 Pulling.  I used paddles for the first 200 and was cruising.  I finished up with another 5:05.  Now my lane mate got to use fins for his 1st and 3rd 400.  Not me.  I was just a smidgen ahead of him till the last 75.  That's when he started to kick and pull ahead of me by a second.  He did a 4:37 and I was a 4:38/9.  We were out in about a 1:07 for the first 100.   I was just trying to stay below or around a 1:10 base. 

Then with an extra 30 seconds rest we regrouped with the other lanes to swim the last round of 5x50's.  So 1700 yard main set.  (1700/2500)  And then I just warmed down a 100 yards.  For 2,600 yards before getting kicked at 7:50 for the aqua aerobics / fitness class that starts at 8am.  Damn them!  Not like I was going to swim more but I just hate the fact they take the whole pool for like 6 people.


I will.  I admit that Im always trying new apps.  So Ill give Adidas miCoach a go at it again.  Nice to mix it up every so often. 

Hi Joel,

Sorry to see you go. Please take a fresh look at miCoach mobile once the new social features are added later this summer. The ability to challenge others is a huge motivator. Your blog is encouraging to read...

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