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Getting Into The Run Of Things! Motivating Myself

Motivating myself to get up and running is getting harder to do everyday.  Summer has arrived early with the high temps and high humidity.  Running earlier in the morning really isn't much help.  That is when I can wake myself out of bed to run.  The other day I had to trick myself into running by leaving work clothes and breakfast at work so I'd run the 6 miles to work in the morning.  Without putting money down on Anim_Homepage an upcomming race I don't have much reason to run.  For awhile using Nike+ I was running just to get to the next level but now I'm there and I won't move up till another 1,500 miles.  So that motivation is gone.  So I just gotta run to keep fit.  Such a hard goal to be motivated by.  So I'm trying to use different phone apps and social media services to keep myself going.  I'm still using my somewhat old Nike+ Sportband to keep the Nike+ going.  The other day I used the miCoach from Adidas app and today I used the Runkeeper app.  Both are free GPS phone apps that pretty much are the same.  But since I have more Twitter "friends" that use Runkeeper I may stick to that app.

Today's run was just a boring loop I've done many times before.  But since I overslept I actually did the run in daylight.  I never realized the boringness of this run till this morning.  Trees, golf courses, more trees, some boring houses, more trees and more trees.  I miss running in Los Angeles.  I felt like Eva Gabor on Green Acres! Nike_sat
The non-gps Nike+ Sportband gave me a 5 mile run.  I had to loop around the cul de sac a few times to get to that.  Now after this run I think the last run Nike+ error was human error and not something to do with the GPS interferring with the Nike+ signal.  I'm guessing.  Who knows? Run_keeper_1
Runkeeper gives me about the same amount of miles with a 5.17 mile run.  That's close enough for me.  Now since Nike+ Sportband is on my wrist and the phone is in a pouch in my water bottle I hit and pause the Nike+ first then the phone.  Then when starting again I do the phone first place it in the pouch and then unpause Nike+ and run.  So that is the difference in time/duration of the run.  It's a minor difference.  But since Runkeeper is GPS I get more data then the old Nike+ Sportband. Run_keeper_2
The elevation chart I guess will help me know if I'm slacking on hills or not.  Or whatever since it's pretty flat around here. Run_keeper_3
Meh, splits.  I guess once I go out on longer runs it'll be interesting to see how I run.  Hard to judge on a baby 5 miler. Run_keeper_email
As for motivating me to run I did get this little note via email from Run Keeper for my farthest distance achievement.  It was my first run using the app so whatever.  Maybe I'll get more down the road.  I used the Free RunKeeper app for my run but the do offer an Elite version for $4.99 a month.   I really don't understand why anyone would do that.  Do you really need to live broadcast your training runs to everyone on Facebook and Twitter?  Do you?  Okay so maybe I'd like to.  But not at $4.99 a month.  With that fee comes "clases" or training programs for marathons and other events.  Maybe that would be worth it as they have "time goal" classes.  Either way at least the free version will keep me running.  Run, Baby, Run!

But wait, there's more... May_dailymile I made my running goal for this month to run 10 miles more then April.  I'm way behind!  Guess I'll have to trick myself twice this week into running to work!


Well i hope you make it!Have faith bro! :)

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