One Last May Swim.
Tuesday's Swim Report - Swim, Run and Playing Like A Girl!

May Rearview Mirror In Swimming and Running

So running in May came to an quick end last week due to injury so I didn't make my goal of running more in May then I did in April.  I was close but close doesn't count! May_nike_plus
I ran 31.26 miles in May.  Well that is according to Nike+ I actually did run more as one of my runs didn't fully register.  So in a way I did beat my goal for the month but since I use Nike+ to monitor my goals I really didn't do my goal.  May_run
I guess I should just be glad that I was running at all.  I could just sleep in and eat bon bons in bed instead of running. May_dailymile
Even not being able to run for the last week I guess when you look at 2011 my runs were average.  Hell, I'm not training for a marathon or a half right now so who cares. May_nike
I am feeling better with my hip compared to last week but I'm not ready to go running yet.  I'm going to wait at least another week if not two.  My goal is to be running by June 13th.  That is my goal for the month.  Well the first running goal.  The second running goal is to have ran at least 10 miles for the month.  A small goal but a post injury goal.

As for swimming it's another story.  For the month of May I swam 47,950 yards.  Not too bad.  Even taking four days off I think that is a decent amount of swimming.  Guess I'll know after my next swim meet.  Which is coming up. 

Past Months To Compare -

April I swam 44,950 yards.

March I swam 62,125 yards.

February I swam 41,750 yards.

January I swam 42,300 yards.

So far for 2011 I've swum 239,075 yards.

December I swam 22,050 yards.

November I swam 34,375 yards

October I swam 2,700 yards.

September I swam zip, nada, nothing

August I swam 25,000 SCY

July I swam 49,900 SCY

June I swam 43,650 SCY and 4,000 LCM

May I swam 55,000 SCY

April I swam 46,050 SCY

February I swam 53,250 SCY

January I swam 46,750 SCY


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