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Six Mile Run and Sprint Swimming Day

Yesterday I hatched a master plan to trick myself into getting up and running.  I left breakfast and a change of work clothes at work so I'd run to the gym in the morning.  Yeah, I have to trick myself to run otherwise I just hit the snooze button.  So I set my alarm and hoped for the best.  

Backing it up a bit after my swim and my short shift at work I hit the 3:15 spinning (Group Ride) class to finish my day of cardio.  I believe I did a quick set of leg weights before calling it a day.

So this morning I get up and somehow motivated to crawl out of bed at 4:15am.  It was hard but I told myself I had to be out and running by 5am to get to the gym for 6am.  I figured that would leave me time to do some weights once at the gym.   MorningAbove is the graph of my run using the GPS app Adidas miCoach.  I had my Nike+ Sportband going also during my run but ran into some technical or user issues.  I guess I paused my Nike+ Sportband at one point and didn't restart it.  I noticed it was flashing but it might not have been user error.  I think the GPS phone signal might have been playing havoc with the Sportband and the Sensor in my sneaker.  I noticed the Nike+ Sportband was off at a few earlier points in the run.  I stopped in the dark at one point to play around with the pocket on my shoe that has the sensor in it.  Thought maybe I lost the sensor or something. 

On my run I used my Nathan Hydration Belt not so much to carry water but to hold my phone, keys and ID.  I didn't leave those things at work with my clothes and needed them.  Luckily the belt is like Batman's Utility Belt and has a pouch to store stuff.  I did fill both bottles with water just in case as I did carry a bottle of G2 in my hand to drink on my way.  But along my way TRAGEDY!  Yeah, that Bee Gee's song is stuck in my head.  Back to TRAGEDY!  Some time along my run I lost one of the bottles!  Ugh!  I thought I may have lost it near the end of the run when I reached back for my phone so I retraced part of my run.  Nothing!  Doh!  IMG_20110512_140729-1
I took a picture of my Nathan Belt minus one of the bottles.  They do sell replacement ones so I guess I'm gonna spend $11 on a itty bitty plastic bottle.  Well they only sell them in sets of three.  So I guess it's not so bad.  I've only used the belt a few times.  But with this hot weather and humidity I plan on using it all summer! 

After my run I hit upstairs and did arms and chest.  I did my full routine but wish I had taken some food after my run.  I was getting hungry.  Lucikly I had food and a protein shake waiting in the fridge for post workout.  After my shift I headed home.  No Arms & Abs Class this week.  Oh I had prearranged a ride home since I had ran to work.

Later on after lunch and relaxing I had planned to meet up at 3:30 for a swim.  One of the fast guys works most mornings but swims every Thursday at 3:30.  So I'm trying to go when I can.  It's nice to have someone my speed to push me in workouts.  But before I hit the pool I got into the golf cart and drove my run route from this morning.  Trying to find my water bottle.  No luck!  But I did get a quick sprint workout at the pool.

I was late due to my water bottle adventure.  So I got in a 100 for warm up.

Then 4x75's Kick/Drill/Swim with fins. (300/400)

Two Sets of 4x100's on 2:05.  1 - first 50 fast, 2 - second 50 fast, 3 - easy pull and 4 - FAST and repeat.  We did 1:02 and 1:01 for our fast ones.  I forget my other times but they were fast but not that fast.  (800/1200)

Hmm..we did a short easy kick set.  2x100's I think.  (200/1400)

8x50's on some interval I can't remember 25 Kick/25 drill then 25 sprint stroke / 25 easy free.  Mixing up strokes in sets of 2.  I did fly and back.  (400/1800)

12x25's - 3 Rounds of IM's basically.  (300/2100)

Then I did a 50 easy.  It was 95F and humid.  I was dying from the heat.  When I got home I felt dizzy.  I ate dinner and took a short nap.  Feeling better now. 


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