USA Swimming - Elliot Keefer Beyond the Water
Thursday's Swim Report - Chill Swimming Enthusiast


91.7 was the temp at the pool today.  So the workout was a bit on the short and easy side.

Warmed up a 450.  Then we did 8x50's first 4 were kick then kick/drill.  I did these all butterfly, the 50's.  (850)

Three Rounds -

4x100's.  Round one was free on 1:40 pace.  Round two was pulling on 1:45.  Round three was choice on 2:00.  I pulled the last round.  The pace swimming round I was doing 1:15's the first pull set I was doing 1:10's and 1:11's.  The last round my goal was to be no slower then a 1:11 which I did.  (1200/2050)

That was it.  I swam sorta another 50 to make 2,100 yards.  I say a sorta swam as I swam a 25 to help take the lane lines out then sorta just barely swam back.


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