Monday's Swim Report - Never, Never, Never Give Up!
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A Rare Sprinting Set For Me. - via @goswim

Since I'm stranded at the pool all by myself I decided I'd try a workout from Go Swim.  Well mostly since I noticed a new workout was posted in my RSS Feed.  After glancing at this weeks "Swimming Set Of The Week" I decided it wasn't for me.  Way too much kicking!  So I went back to May 6th to see a set for me.  Although anyone who knows me would know this is the type of set that isn't all about me.  It's a sprinters set. 

From Go Swim "Swimming Set of the Week - May 6, 2011.  Posted by Barbara Hummel on May 06, 2011.  Looking for speed but not necessarily all-out sprinting this week.    This set also exercises the can be challenging to figure out your sendoffs on the first part of the set.  Total Yards/Meters: 1500.

Swim five rounds (total of 20 X 50) with no break between rounds.  Choose one of the sendoff patterns.   To choose your pattern, look at the sendoffs for #4 and figure out which one you could make, getting 2 to 5 seconds rest."

Sounds easy enough, right?  Well first off I had to warm up so I did a freestyle warm up of 200 Swim / 200 Pull (no paddles) / 200 Pull (w/paddles) / 200 Kick (reverse im) so an 800 yard warm up.

Still pretty easy.  The pool was still warm but well below the 90's.  I can't believe I'm getting use to warm swim pool.  Curses!  For the 20x50's I had several interval options.  Five choices to be exact.  I decided to go with the 2nd fastest batch. 

4 X 50
#1 on :50
#2 on :45
#3 on :50
#4 on :40

Now I should have done the fastest batch but hell I can't push myself alone.  Then…

"After the 20 X 50, swim 100 easy recovery, then...

4 X 100 on 2:30 sendoff.  With a generous rest interval, your goal is to achieve fastest average speed.  You need to manage your energy so that you don't spend all of it on the first 100.  All four of  the 100s should be fast and fairly equal in pace."

Well I did the 100 easy recovery after a quick pee break.  As for the 100's I did okay.  My first one was the slowest one coming in at a 1:07 then I bounced to 1:04, 1:03 and 1:03.  Not great but not horrible.  I was still feeling yesterday's trip to the gym.  My shoulders and back are all ouchie!    Go Swim added one more thing at the end "For a special challenge, repeat the entire set :)"  Yeah right!  I gotta admit it was hard to self motivate myself to finish the 50's and then again the 100's.  I plan on attempting this set again but on the faster interval which was

4 X 50
#1 on :45
#2 on :40
#3 on :45
#4 on :35

Well that is about it.  Check out Glen and the folks at GoSwim at and on Twitter @goswim.





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