Thursday's Swim Report - Holy Torched
SCAQ - Using the Pace Clock

E3 '11: Hands Off: Michael Phelps: Push The Limit

I'm posting this because Wootini is my favorite video game blogger...

So I made a point of stopping by 505 Games' room at E3 this year because they had a playable demo of a game that I've been curious about since it was first announced…You can swim all four strokes, like backstroke, breaststroke, regular and um... butterfly, I think? The demo was just the regular stroke…The initial dive was really weird, because as you see in the video, you have to stand up at the start, and the game shows the dive in slow motion. So there's a bit of a disconnect as you actually get underway. Then it speeds up and you have to time your strokes with the correct rhythm to get your speed up. During more advanced races, you will also have to gesture correctly to do the turn at the end of the pool to turn around." -

Okay this game looks BAAAAAAAAD!



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