Saturday's Swim Reports - Will People Riot If Thorpe Beats Phelps?
USA Swimming - Brendan Hansen

Fahrenheit 901

Well more like 90.1 Farenheit.  Not the air that was the pool water temp this morning.  Can you say "boiled alive!"  With that said I took my swim this morning nice and easy. Warm up was a bit broken up as a bunch of us showed up to swim this morning.  I swam a 300 then we regouped to circle swim then I did another 200.  Then a 200 kick. So 700 broken yard warm up.

Main Set:

2x300's on 4:30 Descend

Take some extra rest to cool off.

3x200's Pull on 3:00 Descend.

Rested a bit to cool off.

2x150's on 2:30 Backstroke (1500/2200)   It was supose to be 4x150's but the 8am Aqua "Swimmers" were arriving as was the staff to remove the lane lines.  Us real swimmers helped the staff with the lane lines while the noodlers pretended that they were warming up for the fake workout or Aqua "Swimming".   Death To Noodlers!


We've all been there. When I first started swimming after 17 years without working out I started at my local gym. This pool was just the worst pool ever made with only three lanes. The first lane was always the noodlers, walkers or aqua un-fit folks. They'd complain every day about being splashed. One asked me one day if I'd stop kicking cuz' they were getting wet. I stopped swimming there soon after and joined a masters team.

Haha I haven't heard the term "Noodlers" before but that's a good one. I hate it when they stand in your lane, and then glare at you when they get splashed on your flip turn. Really? You're in a pool - you are going to get splashed.

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