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Sunday's Swim Report - Senioritis Fever! Catch It!

Making It Up As I Go Workout

Sunday is normally my double workout.  I swim on my own with a workout the coach gives me then I stay and swim with the rest of the group.  But since most of that group is out of town I just went and swam on my own.  The coach asked me if I needed any workouts to swim while he was away but I told him that I had enough workouts to do.  Which I do but once at the pool this morning I just made up the workout as I swam.

Warmed up a 200 swim then a 200 pull.  Mind you the first 200 was more like 4x50's since I stopped after every 50.  Then I did a 400 IM kick.  Followed by 300 IM Kick/Drill/Swim by 25.  (1,100)

Then I did 10x50's on 50 pulling w/ paddles alternate breathing by 50's every 3 and 5.  (500/1,600)

Then I modified the set from the other day...

3x50's on 50 Fly/Back, Back/Breast, Breast/Free

100 Free pull on 1:30


That wasn't so bad.  The last 50 into the 100 pull was close since I had to put on my pulling gear.  Which just made me work the last 50 a bit faster.  (500/2,100.)  And that was the end.  About 50 minutes in the pool for 2,100 yards.  Not great but not bad.  So not motivated on my own.  And today was a perfect day to push myself.  It had rained yesterday so the pool was about 5 degree's cooler at about 86F.  Which a few months ago I would have been dying. But after a few weeks of water temps in the 90's I thought the pool was nice today.  Also the outside temp is about 20 degrees color also. So I should have done longer swims today.  Oh well, hopefully I'll be motivated the rest of the week while I swim alone.


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