E3: Adidas miCoach for X-Box Kinect and Playstation Move
More E3: Adidas miCoach for X-Box Kinect and Playstation Move

Monday's Swim Report - The Numbers: 360, 420, 505 and 2012

Lane 1 - From SwimNews.com "Magnussen Day Dreams Big Guns Gunning.  James Magnussen likes to visualise the likes of Olympic champions Michael Phelps and Cesar Cielo swimming him down in the hunt for the end wall over 100m free, he tells Australia's Sunday Times today. 'I just put them mentally next to me; that helps me push as hard as I can,' says Magnussen…"

Lane 2 - The NY Times has "30 SecondsWith Michael Phelps…These days, even when Michael Phelps is not in a pool, he will be in a virtual pool. Michael Phelps: Push the Limit, developed by Blitz Games and published by 505 Games for use with the Kinect system for Microsoft’s Xbox 360, will be released on Tuesday. Phelps, 25, who has won 16 Olympic medals, including 14 gold, said it was “a cool feeling” to have his own game."

Lane 3 - From the  Floridian View "Ryan Lochte: Living in the Moment.   Lochte’s famous 2ebe9172c56cd80457c057667dda2bf3 languor belies the desire that has driven him to the top of his sport. With six Olympic medals in two Games (three gold, two silver, and one bronze), and over fifty medals in major international competitions, he has already had an enviable career. However, these accomplishments do not impact his training for the 2011 World Aquatic Championships next month." (with picture gallery)

Lane 4 - From the Mail Online "Caught on camera: Kansas streaker jumps into public swimming pool full of children.  Mothers swimming with their children in a public pool were horrified when a stark-naked man ran and jumped in beside them.  Moments before the 20-year-old had been caught on camera streaking next to a busy road near Kansas City."

Lane 5 - From io9 "Dolphin hooligans are going around killing innocent porpoises. It's like the ocean has turned into something out a bad 50s biker movie - gangs of young bottlenose dolphins are roaming the seas, taking out their sexual frustrations by randomly killing any porpoises that get in their way."

Lane 6- The Indy Channel 6 News reports (w/video) "Popular Ex-Carmel Swim Coach Banned.  Ray Lawrence Permanently Suspended, USA Swimming Officials Say.  In an emailed statement, Communications Director Jamie Fabos Olsen wrote, 'Mr. Lawrence was banned from USA Swimming on 3/8/11 for violations that occurred prior to the current Code of Conduct.' Other former Indiana coaches on the list include Brian Hindson and Chris Wheat. Hindson is serving a 33-year sentence on child pornography convictions. Wheat pleaded guilty to sexual misconduct last year."

Lane 7 - BBC (w/video) "TV presenter who 'couldn't swim' braves ocean challenge.  A couple of months ago Blue Peter's Andy Akinwolere could not swim a length of a swimming pool.  Several weeks of training later and the presenter swam over one of the most dangerous stretches of ocean.  It is called the Marianna Trench and at it is deepest point it reaches 11,000 metros."

Lane 8 - Deadline Hollywood looks at "OLYMPICS: Will Bidding Be A Games-Changer For U.S. Networks?"


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