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Friday's Swim Report - Took The Chevy To The Levy Edition

Shooting From The Hip

Over the last month I've been dealing with some hip issues.  I haven't been running since it hurts too much to run but I've been swimming.  Since I've been swimming I'm beginning to think that the hip issue has been created by something other then running.  It could all rest on the evil creature lurking in the pool.  That evil creature is kicking.  Well not just kicking but kicking with fins.  I've been slowly believing that the kicking with fins is to be blamed since I've never had this hip issue until I started kicking with fins.  I've run two marathons and two half marathons without having such pain then all of a sudden when I start using fins I get hip pain?  Hmmm!  Knowing me it's my own fault and I'm doing some horrible leg/hip movement in kicking that is just being exacerbated by the fins.  I'm a horrible kicker to begin with so the fins aren't helping me learn to kick but creating a whole new problem.  Another reason why I'm slowly thinking it's the fin's fault is that I don't have any hip pain when I wake up or swim but right after I kick with fins I feel some hip pain.  Mostly after freesyle or backstroke kicking.  So I'm going to lay off the fins for a few weeks.  And if you see a pair of fins for sale on this blog you'll know why.  Now as for today's workout...

Warm Up 500/200 Kick (700)

500 (Right Arm/Left Arm/Pull/Kick/Swim repeat 4 times) (500/1200)

Main Set

4 Rounds -

50 Fly/Free

50 Back/Free

50 Breast/Free

100 Free Pulling

The 50's were on 60 and the 100 on 1:30.  I took an extra 60 seconds between round two and three.  (1000/2200)

Then we chit chatted a bit and I did an easy 50 for 2,250 yards. 


Are you kicking un-evenly and maybe that is putting pressure on your hips? Do you have strong hip flexors?

Sorry to hear you're having trouble, good luck. I will stay away from the fins!

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